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* All item's prices are listed in US dollars (USD). Currency exchange rates will be applied if you pay in a different currency

* All payments must be paid in full. No payment plan is applied

* Cash/Personal check is not accepted

Credit/Debit card

We accept Visa, Master, JCB, American Express... Credit/Debit card will be charged automatically after you hit "Place your order" button. An invoice will be sent to your email. For some certain banks, a transaction fee will be applied.

Is it Safe?

We use an SSL-secured payment gateway to process your order. All of your personal information is encrypted using the most secure technology around. Our website is SSL certified throughout your entire shopping experience.

What Should I Do If Payment Failed?

Payment Failed Notice:

  • "Do not Honor": Your credit card bank refuses the payment, sometimes this happens when attempting an international transaction online, call your bank or change another credit card that was used to pay an international online payment previously.
  • "Not sufficient funds": Please make sure you have enough money on the card, sometimes your credit card bank may charge a fee for currency exchange.
  • "Restricted Card": You need to call your credit card bank, or change another credit card to pay.
  • "Failed": Failed too many times, try to pay again after 24 hours. Or change to another credit card.
  • "Invalid Card Number": Please check if the card number is correct.
  • "Transaction not allowed for card": Please contact your credit card bank or change to another credit card used to pay international online before.
  • "Exceeds withdrawal amount limited": Please call your credit card bank.
  • "Lost Card": Please call your credit card bank or change to another credit card used to pay international online before.
  • "Invalid Message": Please check if the name, contact info, and billing address are correct.
  • "Expired card": Please check the credit card expired date


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